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Staff, Contributors & Associates
• Kevin Braddock is the editor of Manzine and has worked for GQ, The Face and Esquire.
• Woz is Art Director of Manzine
• Peter Lyle is co-editor of Manzine and has worked for The Face, Arena, Tank, Carlos and The Observer
Contributing Editors
• Simon Mills is a journalist who has written for all leading magazine and newspaper titles.
 David Baker has written for the FT, Wired, Arena and other titles.
• Simmy Richman is a journalist on The Independent
• Mark Hooper is editor of Electric! Magazine
• Neil Boorman is a journalist and author
• JB Redman is an author and copywriter who lives in Amsterdam
• Sam Blunden is an art director in London
• Alex Rayner is a writer and editor
• Tom Southam a professional cyclist and writer
• Kyle Hugall is a strategist based in New York
• Jack Orlik is a young man going places.
• Richard Benson is a journalist and author based in London
• Paul Sullivan is a writer and photographer based in Berlin
• Tony Coles operates in the field of public relations by day
• Mervin Martin is a writer based in London.
Thomas Lovegrove is a military affairs journalist who lives in London
• Andre McLeod is a journalist based in London
• Stuart Griffiths is a photographer based in the UK
• Chris Floyd is a photographer based in London
• James Dimmock is a photographer based in New York
• Craig Robinson is an illustrator who lives in Mexico
• Stephen Walter is an artist based in London
 Paul Snowden is an art director based in Berlin
• The High-Visibility Man (right) is Manzine’s spiritual mentor and expert on everything.