Manzine Issues One to Five
What is Manzine?
Manzine’s is a biannual magazine for men, plus an associated website. The print title is available to buy online and in selected retail outlets in the UK, Europe and USA. It is produced by a group of leading men’s magazine writers, editors, art directors and photographers between London, Berlin and the US, and offers an alternative to mainstream men’s media. Manzine was first published in 2008 and is now into its sixth edition in print.
What does Manzine include?
Manzine publishes original, authentic and entertaining written photographic and illustrative content on the modern masculine experience. Manzine includes parodic and ironic content as well as direct narrative, opinion and comment pieces from leading writers and creatives.
Does Manzine carry advertising and PR content?
Yes, though Manzine does not publish syndicated material. If you would like to read our credentials and media information, please email editor [at] themanzine.com for a copy.
Who contributes to Manzine?
Please see our working contributors masthead here. If you wish to contribute, please email editor [at] themanzine.com. Manzine welcomes contributions but assumes no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts, photographs of illustrations.
Isn’t print media dead?
No, or at least not yet. Manzine believes audiences are not being well served by existing titles, and aims to offer an engaging, entertaining alternative
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