ManFriday: Things & Thoughts, January 2011

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Blogging about Burgers:
Occasional Manzine contributor G**** L**** has started a burger blog under the nom de plume “Burgerac” after the famed Eighties Jersey-based private eye. Read reports on his adventure in burger reviewing here, and maybe submit your own.
Manzine Mutt of the Month, February 2011

Name: Carla • Type: cross • Location: loitering furtively in the Wasted German Youth Shop, Berlin • Furtiveness: 9/10.

The Guardian’s Jon Henley wrote an interesting piece about dads and the paucity of skills among their sons, ie, people like us. Is it really true that men today have almost no practical skills at all, or is it case that skills required are different today, while the overall level of masculine competence has remained stable? Only the other day Manzine remedied a complex paperjam in a HP OfficeJetPro 8500A, made a steaming “ribollita” soup for dinner and successfully re-waxed a Barbour jacket, after going for a run. Ok, so none of there are up there with building a patio or a canoe, but these days, who really needs patios or canoes?
A model: visible. (
Visibility News: Hi-Viz Wins Fashion Recognition
According to fashion editor Suzy Menkes of the New York Times, high-definition is “in”. She wrote, “When Bottega Veneta , a house known for sobriety and restraint, has a shot of mango-colored pants, worn with a gray cardigan, or crumpled lime green corduroy trousers, or a full-on juicy orange coat, you know that fashionable modernism can now include strong color.” The High-Visibility Man comments:

Boots For Cash
A selling-coals-to-Newcastle-style rare occurrence: Manzine strolled speculatively into a branch of Red Wing Shoes the other day. The shop assistant took a fancy to Manzine’s rather knackered, 12-year-old oxblood 875 lace-ups, tried them on and made a cash offer for them. “They’re worth three hundred Euros on eBay,” the geezer said. It doesn’t happen every day, let’s face it.

A Publication About The Walking Phenomenon PLUS Not Having A Clue re: Fatherhood
Simon Parkin writes“I bought and read the latest issue of Manzine and I love it! I'm a father-to-be so it was particularly comforting to read that no-one else has a clue about how to bring up their baby either.
I started my own zine last year, loosely on the theme of walking, called The Wanderer. I've attached a pdf of the first issue. It's not as nice as the finished thing which has paper made from elephant poo on the cover but I'm sure you can use your imagination.”
Simon’s zine is here at

Grimm Headstones
Paul Sullivan took this photograph
In the perineum between Christmas and New Year, Manzine made an pioneering psychogeographic-ish expedition connecting three of Berlin’s key peaks (Schöneberg, Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg) and chanced upon the gravestones of the Brothers Grimm in the Saint-Matthäus-Kirchof. Read the full account on Paul Sullivan’s Slow Travel Berlin blog here. NB: for the record, Manzine does not often hang around graveyards.

• Red Wing Chukka Boots
• Craig Robinson’s Much Fuck It’s Drawing iPad Drawings
• Ned Boulting and Matt Rendell’s Real Peloton podcast
• Walking
• Delerium Tremens 8% Beer
• Doppel-Laufer 0440 Erasers
• Maximal techno

• The precise point when a cold, clear, frosty morning turns into a boring grey afternoon
• Sitting
• Delerium tremens
• The accumulated layer of winter fat, when remarked upon by girlfriend/wife/significant other
• Saying “yes?” at the end of every sentence like Gordon Ramsey, yes?
• Minimal techno


2011: A Highly Visible New Year

People Who Don't Need To Be Highly Visible, But Are No.2: 
Sausage Sellers on Alexanderplatz, Berlin (below):

Luxury Hi-Viz For All The Family
Woz writes: "It was our anno today so borrowed  a Ferrari California and been at Le Manoir. Saw the hi viz at garage."

Mutt Of The Month, January 2011
Name: unknown • Type: unknown • Location: waiting for owner outside Ikea, Sudkreuz. Berlin • Warmth: 10/10.