Man Friday: Things & Thoughts

Stationery Fetishism: Manzine enjoyed a visit to the Faber-Castell Pencil Factory in Stein near Nuremberg the other day. The Faber-Castell 9000 is a classic (its distinctive dark-green lacquer was chosen to honour the colour of company Alexadner Graf Von Faber-Castell’s cavalry regiment). Meanwhile, these Alligator pencils are manufactured by the company for sale in the Middle East.
If you ever wondered what a sheaf of pencil leads look like – surely you have? - here’s a picture.
The artist and cartographer Stephen Walter enlarges on his repertoire of pencils on Manzine Issue IV, available now. Below is a fragment of his London map:
Detail from "The Hub" by Stephen Walter
Mutt of the Month: Trotzky from 032c
Trotzki: aah...
This beautiful lady lives with Joerg and Sandy who run 032c magazine in Berlin. Trotzky welcomes visitors to the office by tearing across the office floor like a cruise missile and barking loudly, then walking round in a circle and letting them pet her for a while before she goes back to her dog basket for a lie down. Isn’t she lovely?
Occasional Seasonal Pleasures No.1: Watching snow fall and melt on your cellphone screen. “It’s cool”, according to @MRPAULSNOWDEN
Trend: Lavatory-Skyscraper  is the new Gutter-Stars paradigm. Design man@MichaelSurtees tweeted this picture from NYC while the second composition from an anonymous Manzine reader reflects an alternative but no less appropriate setting for enjoying the journal:
Manzine on the bog
Read All About it: Manzine in The Independent, at (“I’ve sold a few magazines on the site, but none so fast as Manzine”, Jeremy Leslie said), on It’s Nice That, Creative Review and Style Bubble. Thanks to all for the coverage.
Society: comment?
Ready-made repsonses to great philosophical works No. 1: Comments on “Comments on the Society Of The Spectacle” (Guy Debord, 1980). 
Choose one comment.
1. “I didn’t understand it.”
2. “I prefer Monocle Alpino.”
3. “The spectacle is not a collection of images; rather, it is a social relationship between people that is mediated by images.”
4. “I like shopping, but not with my girlfriend.”
(NB: there is no correct answer.)
Commercial Information: A Christmas Message from our friends at Oi Polloi in Manchester. Where better to buy seasonal outerwear? (This illustrated collaboration runs in the current issue of Manzine; the illustrations are by @bennybenlamb)
Oi Polloi: clothing
 Have a nice weekend. Manzine

Man Friday: Read Manzine on the iPad

Literally, if only the words "Man" and "Zine":
Thanks to @tuomasmas (Tuomas Jääskeläinen from Bonnier) for the pic and creative use of stickers. Meanwhile, Simmy Richman sent in this subversive picture from his office at The Independent:
And Simon Mills sent in this photograph of his "Hoxton Branding Concept" for Manzine:
Millsy has also invented a new cycling trend, "TOFF". He writes, "This is a fake fixie...actually a safe and responsible single speed. Obviously, when in Clerkenwell and beyond I keep my legs spinning at all times to give the impression of a fixed rear wheel to all the other Nathan Barleys. 
To be honest, I think I am a TOFF - 'Too old for fixed'. Just made that up, by the way."
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